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SOS's primary call is to be a Ministry of Presence not a Ministry of Presents Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

Sending Out Servants (SOS) home team...SOS volunteer support team...


The Volunteer Team is the backbone of the whole missionary effort. It consists of a myriad of individuals and /or groups who respond to the diverse and changing needs of the mission organization itself and/or respond to the particular needs of the people in the host country.

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Other Home Team important tasks are:

• sorting and inventorying items needed by the host country like school supplies, medical supplies, computers etc.

• donating time to write thank you notes, makiing phone calls, shopping for needed items.

• translating documents into Spanish or English

• sharing specific knowledge and skills with SOS to give input and direction.

• giving ifinancial assistance to SOS Empowerment Programs that help empower the Maya adults and children and directly impact the quality of their lives

• Data entry into computers

• writing articles


"...While Linda was packing for the trip, her neighbor Carol magically appeared in the hallway. They were accustomed to entering each others home without knocking." Thank you, Lord, for the blessing she has been to Roy and me during these many years of his struggle with multiple sclerosis, she silently prayed. Having just had lunch with her, Linda wondered what did Carol forget to tell me. "Linda, I think you need to take Roy with you on this SOS mission trip," Carol quietly asserted. Linda agreed and told her, "I will take him with me in my heart."

"No, I mean you need to take his ashes," Carol precisely stated.

You see, Roy and Linda participated for years in SOS as support —offering 24-hour prayer vigils, helping with supplies, and listening to the stories as the missionary teams returned from ministering to the indigenous Mayan people in the mountainous Quiché area of Guatemala. Roy longed to go but it just was not possible with his affliction. Carol knew this so well as Roy had confided in her many times. So, in amongst the needed necessities, a Ziploc bag of Roy's ashes was tucked into Linda's carry-on luggage..." button

from Roy's Story… by Mary Ellen Willburn


Stories from Travel Team members and their unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters with Christ while on mission. Choose one and share in their experience.


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