to the world you may be nobody... but to someone in Guatemala you may be the world!!!any assistance that SOS is able to provide, is offered in such a way as to always empower the Maya people..

TC...because of individuals with compassion, generosity and a vision for a better world, SOS is able to assist the Maya...


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Other ways to support the missionary effort of SOS

General Donations to SOS are used to assist the Maya communities in other areas such as:

• Providing school supplies and textbooks

• Purchasing medicines for rural clinic doctors

• Providing salary support for instructors to teach sewing to Maya women or men

• Supporting an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center by providing tools and equipment
needed to teach residents a trade while going through treatment

• Purchasing Bibles, resource materials, paper and pencils for Catechists teaching
the Maya the Word of God in rural areas

• Providing building materials for church roofs or repairs

• Sponsoring vital surgical support teams members to go on mission with
the Cataract Surgical Team


Stories from Travel Team members and their unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters with Christ while on mission. Choose one and share in their experience.


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