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SOS's primary call is to be a Ministry of Presence not a Ministry of Presents Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

Sending Out Servants (SOS) medical travel team...if in Houston, TX; Texas City, TX; or Cherry Hill, NJ —Ttravel to be part of a yearly medical vision mission...


(SOS), Sending Out Servants, is in need of Optometrists and an Optometry tech to participate in its 2019 Vision Clinic Mission to serve indigenous Maya communities living in the mountainous regions of Joyabaj, Guatemala who have no access to ocular or medical treatment. Our service to them is critical.

Vision Clinic Mission DatesMarch 16th thru March 23rd, 2019
OPTOMETRISTS: The OD’s examine patients for refractive needs as well as treat conditions such as dry eyes, allergies, infections, inflammations, remove foreign bodies, etc. Patients are given both assembled Rx and OTC glasses and Rx and OTC eye drops as needed. Additionally, the OD’s make referrals for further ophthalmologic evaluation and treatment of ocular diseases and make referrals for pterygia and cataract surgeries taking place the following week by our SOS Surgical Team. Medical staff is also available to do general medical assessments and, if necessary, make referrals. It is a very challenging and rewarding service opportunity and you see a lot of very interesting, and sometimes, strange cases as well.  Approximately 650 patients come to the 4 1/2 day Vision Clinic.

OPTOMETRY TECHS: are needed to operate handheld auto refractors, take keratometry readings and A-scan measurements on referred Cataract patients who will have their surgeries the following week

If interested and available to use your skills to impact the lives of many people in a very short time, please contact:?

Dr. Sanh Dinh O.D. at  832 567 3602.
Connie Braren at  281-440-6165, SOS  Co-Founder and Mission Coordinator

If  not able to participate yourself we appreciate your passing this opportunity and need along

team formation meetings

There are approximately four to five Mandatory Team Formation meetings held usually on Sundays at Houston, TX, locations. Meetings are for:   

• becoming culturally and spiritually prepared

• being introduced to SOS mission entry protocols for entering indigenous communities

• coveri the "nuts and bolts" of the trip such as packing lists, safety protocols, airport logistics etc.

being assigned to a specific Clinic Station and trained during a Clinic-In Service to perform with confidence one’s duties and responsibilities regarding your Station.

• participate in a Mock Clinic to practice your skills on volunteer patients before departure

• being commissioned and sent forth by the faithful to serve Our Lord and His people.

• attending a three hour mini-retreat to refocus on the spiritual nature of the mission.



Stories from Travel Team members and their unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters with Christ while on mission. Choose one and share in their experience.


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