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SOS's primary call is to be a Ministry of Presence not a Ministry of Presents Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

Sending Out Servants (SOS) living mission team...our mission continues back home...


The Living Mission Community (LMC) was formed in response to frequent requests  from returning team members to stay in contact with one other and to continue learning and growing from their mission experiences.

Meeting a few times a year* for fellowship, reflection and prayer, LMC participants first gather for a potluck dinner and socializing.  The meeting transitions to focused discussions directed toward identifying how we as individuals can live the mission values in our daily lives and carry that into our communities and in the world around us.

Over the past years, LMC participants have enriched each other by supporting one another in keeping the flame alive that first called them to go to the mission field.

* SOS LMC Meetings are held in Houston, Texas.  SOS affiliates located in other cities are encouraged to offer their returning team members a similar opportunity to gather and keep their mission experience alive.

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"...We visited three homes. At the last home there was an elderly woman and her daughter-in-law. The older woman welcomed us to her home and began to tell us about all the wonderful things she had heard we had done with the children in the community. She was so grateful for the joy that we brought to the children. We thanked her for her hospitality and then we gave her a rosariy and the care package.

She was very appreciative. Then she told us that she did not have a gift that she could give us in return, but that there was one thing that she did want to give us —"her heart". Is this not the best gift of all?

As we headed down the mountain to join the rest of the group I began to look around. Is there something we could build here? Although their homes are very simple there is nothing I would want to change...

...Then it comes to me. It is so clear. I know now what I will tell the people back home when they ask —what did you build?
What do we build —we build relationships."

from What did you Build?
by Diana Rodriguez


Stories from Travel Team members and their unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters with Christ while on mission. Choose one and share in their experience.


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