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To sign up for one of our mission trips, first send the SOS Pre-Application Form Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

10. insurance...updated 08/21/11

All SOS travel team members are provided with short-term International Travel Medical Emergency Insurance coverage. Since this is limited to medical emergencies, you are advised to check with your U.S. health care insurance plan to determine if non-emergency medical care outside the United States is included in your medical insurance plan.

Your team leaders will carry a synopsis copy of the SOS Coverage plan with the name of the underwriter and a brief description of the benefits and coverage.

For medical non-emergencies or accidents while traveling out of the U.S. during your trip that lead you to seek medical attention, you will need to follow the protocols dictated by your U.S health care insurance plan which might include paying the medical providers at the time of service and following up with your insurance company upon returning home.

It is very important that you notify your team leaders early on if experiencing a health problem.

SOS is not responsible for loss suffered due to illness, accident, injury or theft occurring at any time in relationship to your mission trip. This includes expenses incurred due to a lost or stolen passport. SOS will assist you however in dealing with these situations.


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