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To sign up for one of our mission trips, first send the SOS Pre-Application Form Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

8. general information...updated 08/21/11

What will we eat and drink?

• Only purified sealed bottled water is safe to drink in Guatemala. Team members will have access to purified water throughout the mission trip. Soft drinks are available at dinnertime.

• Safe, nutritious and delicious breakfasts and dinners are prepared at a trusted local restaurant in Santa Cruz del Quiché where team lodges. Team members are given sack lunches to take to mission site.

• In Antigua, meals are taken at restaurants.

Where will we sleep?

• Team members stay in Hotels and share a room with one or two other teammates. Each room has a bathroom with sink and shower that usually has hot water.


Daily schedule
• Keeping in mind that plans always change, a typical schedule would involve rising by 6 am, walking a few blocks for breakfast, boarding vans for a 40 minute ride to the mission site in the country,. returning at 4 pm to the Hotel, walking a few blocks for dinner, returning to the Hotel to prepare for the next days mission activity, celebrating Mass/ reflection time and retiring by 10 pm.

• A more detailed Daily Schedule is given to you during team formation.


Electronics and communication
• Bringing cell phones, iPads, iPods, iPhones, laptop computers, etc. with you on mission are strongly discouraged not only because they will hinder you and your teammates to fully enter into the mission experience but also because they could be stolen. They definitely may not be brought to the mission site.

• We ask team members to restrain of taking pictures while visiting the Maya communities unless is part of a group programed activity.

• Upon arriving in Guatemala, all of the above electronics are prohibited from being used. Your team leader will have an SOS cell phone for logistic and emergency purposes. When necessary, team members can briefly use the SOS cell phone at a designated place and time of the day.

• Safe Arrival Notification: Your team leader will place a call to the phone tree volunteer in the States to inform them of the teams' safe arrival. The volunteer will then contact the person you designated on your Safe Arrival Contact Form of your safe arrival.

• Please inform your family and friends that you are asked to not call or communicate with them so as to more fully enter into the mission experience. In the event of a family emergency, your family members will be given a schedule of your location along with emergency numbers to contact you if needed.

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