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To sign up for one of our mission trips, first send the SOS Pre-Application Form Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

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Travel & Luggage

• Mode of travel to Guatemala is via Continental Airlines. Flight arrangements are scheduled by SOS personnel who will secure Group Reservations for the team.

• If using Continental One Pass miles to offset your mission costs, you will be flying independent of the Group Reservation. Therefore, you need to inform the Mission Coordinator as soon as possible so your Group Seating Reservation can be released without penalty to you before the air carrier's deadline. Additionally, you will need to make your flight arrangements to and from Guatemala to coincide with the team flight times.

• If you live out of state, you will be responsible to make your connecting flight arrangements to Houston Intercontinental Airport so as to be on the same flight as the main team leaving for Guatemala. Costs of connecting flights would be an additional cost to a team member.

• Flight schedules, payment deadlines and terms/conditions of the airline will be provided to you by your team formation coordinator well in advance of the first team formation meeting.

• Mode of travel from Guatemala City airport to the place of lodging in Santa Cruz del Quiché is via Mini Buses or vans. It is approximately a four hour drive involving one short stop.

• Daily mode of travel from the place of team lodging in Santa Cruz del Quiché, to the mission site is via mini buses.

• Team members are required to pack most of their personal belongings in one carry-on-bag and back pack. This allows the checked luggage space to be used for mission activity supplies and donations. Airline security requires all liquids (3 oz. each or less) to be put in a quart sized plastic bag and be ready to access to show security attendants as you go through security screening areas both in Houston and Guatemalan airports.

• If just before actually boarding the plane, you are told your carry on has to be checked in, you will be responsible to get it off the turntable at the Guatemalan airport. It is helpful if beforehand you put some type of obvious ID on your suitcase so it can be easily identified.

• During Formation Meetings, your team leaders will be updating you on any changes in airline flight schedules and providing your family members with emergency contact information.

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