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To sign up for one of our mission trips, first send the SOS Pre-Application Form Our primary focus is in developing a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect with the indigenous Maya.

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In 1998 Sending Out Servants (SOS) began sending teams to the mountainous area of Quiché, Guatemala as a Ministry of Presence to the indigenous Maya communities who were beginning the long process of recovering from a 36 year long civil war which left them physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically and spiritually devastated. Throughout the years, SOS missioners concur that what they received during their encounter with the Maya was much greater than what they gave.

You too, may want to take advantage of this life changing opportunity which offers you some
of the following opportunities:

• To see the world a little more as it is and as God sees it
• To bring hope to those who live in generational poverty
• To learn what it means that" no one is so poor they have nothing to give and no one is so rich that they have nothing to receive"

SOS's goal is to provide a spiritually enriching experience for you and your teammates as well as for the Maya we encounter.

There are some key factors that will ensure a mutually positive experience:
• Commitment to the mandatory Team Formation Meetings which integrates vital cultural and spiritual aspects into your mission experience

• Be well prepared for your role in the mission activity

• Respect for the goals and direction from your team leaders and the Maya and host leaders

• Be flexible with sudden changes in plans

• Be patient and tolerant with teammate idiosyncrasies

Ernest and Connie Braren
Co-Founders of SOS


Stories from Travel Team members and their unexpected, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters with Christ while on mission. Choose one and share in their experience.


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