For less than a dollar a day, you can become a Guardian Angel of a Maya child GAEF also accepts smaller donations and combines them to sponsor one child or teacher..

SOS Guardian Angel Educational Fund, Inc. (GAEF)Guardian Angels are making the world a better place one child at a time...


Your donations to GAEF are currently providing quality education to over 500 Maya children.

The Guatemalan government provides education for children only through 6th grade. There is no hope for indigenous Maya children in the rural areas to obtain further education. Thus the cycle of poverty cannot be broken. GAEF educational support provides funds regardless of creed, to cover the expenses for tuition, transportation and lodging (when needed) for kids from grades seven through twelve and salary support for teachers seventh through twelve grade. During the last three years of high school, students are prepared in the career of their choice so that when they graduate they will be able to obtain a job and financially assist other siblings to attend school.

GAEF has partnered with Caritas Quiché to arrange local management and mentoring of the students. Caritas oversees, on GAEF's behalf, the educational and spiritual progress of each of our sponsored children. GAEF delegates make periodic visits to Quiché to encourage the students and teachers and to monitor the process.

Supporters to the GAEF Fund can make a one-time donation or an on-going contribution of any amount into this Fund at any time of the year. No contribution is too small.


To donate online, please visit our donate page here: GAEF secure online donation
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P.O. Box #11293
Spring, Texas

(Thank You in Maya-Quiché)


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projects in Guatemala...

• rural middle school in Chicabracán
• rural school in Lancetillo
• rural school in Sacapulas
• Anunciata school in Chichicastenango
• local school in Santa Cruz
• Rosario school in Santa Cruz
• Hno. Pedro school in Santa Cruz
• Kano'j education center


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